May Payne coming to Android

Rockstar Games has just announced that Max Payne for Android is on its way. Unfortunately we have a bit to wait compared to our iOS counterparts who will be getting the game April 12. The wait isn’t long, however, as they have given us a solid date of April 26th.

The third person shooting title follows Max Payne, an ex-NYPD cop turned DEA agent who is taken on a thrill ride full of lush story-telling, engaging gameplay, and a world filled with interesting characters. If that last line sounded like a line straight out of a 30-second ad, it’s because I’m such a huge Max Payne fan that I, myself, wouldn’t mind chronicling and narrating his life.

The game will feature HD support, high-resolution textures and customizable controls. Expect there to be wireless controller support for the Android version. They didn’t give us a price to look forward to just yet, but based on GTA’s release we should be seeing no more than a $10 asking price. Obviously, I’m excited (especially as Max Payne 3 approaches consoles).


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