5 Reasons Google Play Makes Less Money Than Apple and Amazon’s Markets

Google Play Doesn’t Require Payment Methods to Download Free Apps/ Payment Methods

If I’m downloading a free app, why enter in payment details? Logical right? WRONG. What it is is convenient, but on the buisness side of things, it’s a disaster. Why? Well think about it…on Apple’s and Amazon’s market, you have to enter in payment details to download any app regardless if it’s free or paid. By requiring a payment method, everything is already in place to make purchase of a paid app on Apple or Amazon’s app store, making it a very easy to shell out a few cents or dollars for an app if its something you really want. Google does not require a payment method, which puts developers at a disadvantage when trying to grab in app purchases or paid apps in general. Additionally, Google ONLY allows credit card purchases…no bank..no Paypal…only credit cards, which was something that honestly turned me off about the market in the beginning (also inspired me to finally get a few credit cards :-D).

Amazon and Apple Have Something Google Doesn’t: Retail Experience

Ed Oswald from PCWorld made a really good point in regards to how experience plays a role in Google’s strategy.When it comes to hardware, it’s pretty safe to say that Apple knows what they are doing, and they do it really, REALLY well. They not only make good hardware and software, but they sell it directly in their own stores. Amazon is the worlds largest online retailer, and has extensive knowledge in how to sell and market products, both for consumers and from their company directly. Both Amazon and Apple are experts at making consumers come back over and over again for more. Google on the other hand doesn’t have such experience. They are a search company at heart, full of potential and amazing ideas, but with no direct retail sales experience, and it shows with the amount of apps sold on Google Play.

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